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Create anything that you can imagine

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About Us

We are a company specialized in Research and Development of innovative solutions business – oriented.

We support enterprises during their transition towards the digital transformation by creating solutions that help companies to enhance their internal processes and structures.

Our mission in a sentence: we apply scientific methods to create user-friendly, efficient and easy to use solutions. 


What we do in pills

Artificial intelligence

We create products AI related


We have a strong partnership with Rome Universities “La Sapienza” and “Roma Tre”


We develop own algorithm


We invest in Research&Development

We firmly believe that the digital evolution can be the answer to most of the raised questions. However, any revolution can be led without people: in Floaty, everything is possible thanks to our highly qualified and cross-skilled team, constantly updated and invested in the company’s ideal.



Being a Software House means that we invest all of our time and resources into the research field: thanks to our partnership with the local Universities, each month we activate new researches.

Among all the solutions developed during our activity, we have been focusing on these specific topics: 

Machine Learning

A form of AI that makes predictions from data

Augmented Reality

Interactive experience that combines the real world with a virtual one

Computer Vision

Trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world


VR Games

In the past few years, we have started to create videogames VR-oriented. With our videogames we want to enhance the user experience and offer to our gamers a brand new and immersive adventure.


In Floaty we can count on a highly prepared 3D design department composed by professionals specialized in 3D modeling and reconstructions. 

We are able to replicate every real environment, whether it is a closed environment or an open space. 

Alongside that, we have gained an amplified experience into 3D graphic modeling, which has helped us improve the user experience of our final customers: therefore we offer specialized consulting services for 3D graphic and modeling activities.