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Being a Software House means that we invest all of our time and resources into the research field: thanks to our partnership with the local Universities, each month we activate new researches.

Artificial intelligence

The new smart interface that talks to you like a real human being.

Experience Prediction

We have created a machine learning algorithm capable of identifying and recognizing user habits and predicting their preferences.

Our AI algorithm

We have developed a proprietary NLP artificial intelligence algorithm that autonomously learns from its dataset and can improve response over time.

Chat Bot

We overturn  the classic "point and click" interface to conduct it with greater accuracy and simplification through the conversation.

Digital Showroom

A complete replication of the physical showroom has been done by using scale models and 3D reconstruction with Unity Tool. 

The showroom is completely interactive, meaning that the final user is able to walk through the rooms, play with the products

The future for shopping and exhibitions
3D Environment set-up platform

In order to accompany the process of setting-up the whole environment, we have built an entire platform that allows the final user to create and prepare the showroom with furniture, accessories and additional items to decorate the rooms.  

Once the base of the showroom has been created, final users can prepare the stage by putting all accessories and products generated from the 3D acquisition process. 

Other services:
Augmented CartographyFrom satellite to cartographic analysis.

From satellite to cartographic analysis.
We have developed an algorithm capable of identifying urbanized or natural areas starting from satellite images. The algorithm uses a GAN network to locate neighboring areas and predict the exact color of the area.

2icona data
Data ExtractionImages' data

We have implemented a system capable of identifying, recognizing and extracting structured data from images and PDFs. The information is processed by the machine learning algorithm that organizes them and automates the data entry process.