Gaming Admin 29 Gennaio 2021


Immersive videogames

As part of our mission, we want to promote a revolution of the user experience and maximize it by creating immersive videogames. 

Oculus Quest 2

Innovative ways of playing


A classical type of fun


Challenge your friends to epic battles


In an unspecified future, the cute and bored aliens decide to enjoy their time in the most ancient game ever: the fight!
Thanks to their advanced technologies they not only create an innovative arena but choose, through a careful selection, characters who have distinguished themselves for their peculiar characteristics throughout the history of the Worlds.

This is how our extraterrestrials, thanks to capsules that allow the opening of space-time portals, captured our future fighters just one step away from the apex of their life.

The unsuspecting characters will thus find themselves facing each other on moving platforms, using different weapons and objects. Anything could be useful!
The platforms, full of equipment, move closer to each other, until they touch. At that point each weapon is no longer useful, you can only count on the strength of your fists and your agility.

Thanks to the experience, the fighters will also be able to unlock different skills, which when needed could turn the tide of the duel.

Are you ready to fight alongside our heroes?