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Virtual Reality game for interactive experience

In different arenas characters who have distinguished themselves for their peculiar characteristics throughout the history of the Worlds are meant to fight.

An amazing interactive experience!


Challenge other players online

1 VS 1

Challenge yourself and get stronger

Oculus Quest 2

An immersive feel of a virtual world

Character Design

After choose the concept, rough sketches were made. Later on each model has undergone changes for artistic or technical purpose. After a first model was completed, different variants were made to allow the player to customize its own chatacter.

Weapons Design

The best with less
High quality but light

Prop Design

Defining the style

Level Design

From concept to reality

Original Concept

Small dioramas were created to choose the mood of each arena and start of with a few models.
From this little scenes the actual levels came to life.

In each scene the player is in a small platform, moving forward in the center area, surrounded by the environment.